Tuesday, November 7, 2017

My wildself

Reindeer antlers - Your reindeer antlers won't stick around for long. Every year reindeer shed their antlers in the spring and summer. But don't worry, they grow back.

Polar bear ears -It gets cold in the Arctic (down to 35°F below). For warmth, your polar bear ears are small and covered in fur—even on the inside. When diving, the ears close to keep cold water out.

Anaconda snake tongue - Now you can smell with your tongue! Your forked anaconda tongue collects odor molecules from the air and brings them back to tiny grooves in the roof of your mouth, letting you "taste" the air.

Gibbon arms - Your Gibbon arms are designed especially for swinging in trees. With these arms you can jump distances of over 20 feet from branch to branch.

California condor legs - Your California condor talons are blunt, unlike eagles who have sharp talons. That's because condors are scavengers. They don't need hooked claws to catch their prey. They just eat someone else's leftovers.

California condor wings - Your California condor wings are the biggest wings in North America. They have a wingspan of almost ten feet.

Peacock male tail - Your peacock tail feathers can grow to be 60 inches long. Each feather has what looks like an eye on it. They help scare away other animals that might want to eat you.

This week we have been learning about adaptations. We had to make a wildself hope you enjoy

Thursday, September 28, 2017

A Amazing journey of a soccer ball

This week we have  been learning about Fair Trade footballs. Room 8 had to make a explain everything about Fair Trade footballs.

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Buy Fair Trade products

This term we have been learning about Fair Trade. Fair Trade is a very good organisation because Fair Trade is changing peoples lives by getting them to work together so then they can demand more money.

Wednesday, September 6, 2017

The dangers of night fishing

This week we read Night At The Reef. We had to make a poster to warn the people to not fish at night.

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Little Red Riding Hood

Little red riding hood

Once upon a time there lived a little girl and her mother called her Little Red Riding Hood. But one day  her grandma fell ill. Little Red Riding Hood told her mum and her mum said “Go to your grandma’s and take some bread and cake. Remember to stay on the path.”
“Yes mum” Little Red Riding Hood said and off she went.
Related image
Little Red Riding Hood found some pretty flowers she said to herself “Grandma would like some pretty flowers?” But what Little Red Riding Hood didn’t know was that she was no longer on the path.

But then there was a hungry wolf lurking around ready for its snack. The wolf followed Little Red Riding Hood.
Image result for little red riding hood picking flowers
Then the wolf asked the little girl where she was going Little Red Riding Hood said, “to my grandmas house”. The wolf liked his lips and ran past Little Red Riding Hood.

The fox ran inside grandma's house and gobbled grandma all up. Quickly the wolf got into grandma’s clothes and jumped into her bed just in time.
Image result for little red riding hood with the big bad wolf in grandma's clothes
KNOCK, KNOCK, KNOCK. That was Little Red Riding Hood came in Little Red Riding Hood said to the wolf “My what big ears you  have.”
“Better to hear you with,” the wolf said.
“My,  what big eyes you have”.
“Better to see you with”.
“My, what big teeth you have grandma”.
“ Better to eat you with”.

Bang! Just after that the wolf had gobbled up both of them. Little Red Riding  Hood heard a wood cutter chopping down some trees. Little Red  Riding Hood screamed as loud as she could. Just then the woodcutter came running inside and he heard Little Red Riding Hood. He cut open the wolf and Little Red Riding Hood wore the wolf's fur as a cape. They all lived happily ever after, well not the wolf.

Image result for little red riding hood wearing the wolf's fur
This week we have been writing fairy tales and I have changed my ending to Little Red Riding Hood wore the big bad wolf's fur as a coat. 

Thursday, August 3, 2017

Three way conference

Three Way Conferences - Thinking Hats for Year 4-6

What are the facts about school?  What concepts have you learned about?  What have you been involved in?
Share a piece of work that you are proud of.  Talk about the process of creating it.  What new skills did you learn? What have you done well?  
What is an area that you need to improve in?  Share a piece of work that you found challenging. What do you need to do to improve?  Do you need some help?
Reading Age: 8.5 - 9.5 yrs
Writing Level: Level 2
Maths strategy stage: 5
Maths knowledge stage: 5
Inquiry Topics: Taonga , Functions
Extra Curricular: Cultural group , Gardening club
Work I will share: I am proud of my pepeha. I learnt how to know where I lived and will.

  • Writing where I live
  • Knowing where I was raised
Work I will share: I need to improve my maths. In my maths I found doing the four’s challenge a little bit hard.
What are your feelings about your learning?  What makes you happy at school?  Is there anything that worries you?
What are your thoughts about your learning?  How are you doing overall?
So what now?  Create some goals with your teacher and your parents. Is there something your teacher or you parents can help with? (these could be started at your three way conference and finished later).
I feel excited when it comes to art. I'm happy at school when i'm in front of my desk doing art. Having a old friend who is starting to be mean.

My Strengths: Doing art, writing about dogs

My Challenges: Division, times table
By … I will have..I need to learn my 3 and 4 times tables. Making new friends.

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Character Description

Awful aunt Alberta is the main character in the book called Awful Auntie. She has a niece called Stella. Stellas parents lived in saxby hall so does she.

She is all so mean and cruel to Stella. Every time she tells Stella a fairytale she makes them have a horrible endings for example Hansel and Gretel the witch didn’t get shoved in the oven Hansel and Gretel did.

Aunt Alberta always cheats when she is playing tiddly winks. She always has to win. Aunt Alberta has made up cruel rules like when your partners turned around she glues the winks to the table.

Awful Aunt Alberta is very chubby and fat. Her fingers are small and wide. She smokes from a pipe. And Awful Aunt Alberta is all so ugly. She wears a floppy hat to protect her ears

Awful Aunt Alberta always plays TIDDLY WINKS it's her favorite game in the whole wide world. Awful Aunt Alberta always forces her little brother to play with her. She says”I always have to win”.  She loves playing TIDDLY WINKS. Stella is as nice as a god. Awful Aunt Alberta loves to steal she even tries to steal saxby hall so it will be hers. One of her plans was to trick Stella to make her think that she had broken every bone in here body just to steal saxby hall.

Awful Aunt Alberta Loves playing TIDDLY WINKS it's her favorite game in the world. Awful Aunt Alberta is always mean to her brother all the time she always picks on him. She always cheats cause she says “I have to always win”.